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The Bristol Law Review is a premier student-run journal supported by the University of Bristol Law School. The journal publishes the best legal scholarship from students and the legal community online and in print.

The editorial board is composed of senior students at the University of Bristol trained by academics to produce and edit the highest quality work.

The journal has published an annual print edition since 2013 and, now in its second year, an online journal focusing on shorter work in conjunction with essay and case note prizes.


'Leaving the European Union, the United Kingdom is attempting to "take back" a control that it never really lost. The political structur...

April 29, 2019


Within the United States of America (‘U.S.’) and Germany, the regulation of abortion must adhere to their respective ‘constitutional value...

‘A comparative analysis of abortion regulation reveals widely divergent approaches across different legal systems. This is to be expected as each cons...

April 28, 2019

Choose one piece of EU legislation (proposed or enacted). Discuss the benefits of a similar provision being included in or excluded from the EU Withdr...

3VB Commercial Awareness Essay Competition Winner - Passporting

January 7, 2019

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