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Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal

Founded 10 years ago as the UK’s first undergraduate law journal, the OUULJ is independent and entirely student-run. The OUULJ publishes a print journal annually with a focus on English law, with submissions from domestic and international undergraduate law students. The journal is Oxford’s only publication for undergraduate legal writing. Its Honorary Board comprises distinguished members such as Lord Neuberger, Lord Phillips, Lord Wilson as well as various notable legal academics and professionals. The Journal appears in print as well as on HeinOnline and LexisNexis, and submissions are accepted on a rolling basis from undergraduate students (and recent graduates) at all universities. 


Cambridge Law Review


The CLR is an independent legal publication run by students of the University of Cambridge which aims to provide a forum for the discussion of contemporary and cutting-edge legal issues. The journal welcomes contemporary submissions on issues relating to all common law jurisdictions, or those with a former connection to the English common law; European law; international law; comparative pieces; as well as interdisciplinary legal scholarship that has regard to economics and political studies.

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De Lege Ferenda (DLF)

DLF is the CLR’s supplementary undergraduate law journal introduced in 2017, inviting discussion on contemporary issues relating to undergraduate law topics. The journal serves as a platform for students to make their first entry into academia. All published articles are made available on HeinOnline.


For more information about the Cambridge Law Review (CLR) or De Lege Ferenda (DLF), visit:

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